Two steps to pay special attention to when installing dry coal shed grid

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In the case of coal shed grid construction, there are two steps to pay special attention to. It is to ensure that the top of the coal shed grid is beneficial to the building, durable, and has a good standard of long life.

1. Lifting. The prerequisite for the grids of the coal shed to make full use of the top of the building is to lift them to the top of the building. In this process, if it is the whole process of lifting, or the lifting of mechanical equipment, the lifting net frame has abnormalities and common failures, which are likely to cause risks. Therefore, the lifting is very critical.
Second, close up at a high place. If the coal shed net frame is to be completed on the top of the building, it is necessary to carry out the connection of each net frame component, which is also the high-place closure that everyone often says. According to statistics, during this process, if the coal shed grid is unstable in closing, or the mechanical equipment fails, it may cause the coal shed grid system software to be bad. Naturally, they will also have a serious impact. The top of the building. Therefore, in the case of construction of the coal shed, every key point must be paid attention to in the process of high-altitude closing.

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