How much is the grid structure installed per square meter

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Grid engineering cost, large-span grid engineering cost, latest quotation for grid engineering? I guess these kinds of questions are all questions that everyone wants to ask. Today, Shandong 3D Grid will carefully explain to everyone about the cost of grid engineering and how to charge.

The price of the grid is about tens of yuan per square meter, the cheap ones are ten to twenty yuan, and the more expensive ones are several hundred yuan. Different types of grids have different prices. It is best to look at the drawing and the quotation is the most reasonable, and several factors such as the grid area, site construction conditions, grid shape, and grid support conditions will directly affect the installation cost of the frame. Generally, a reasonable quotation must be based on the above conditions to formulate a construction plan to calculate the most reasonable price.
Grid engineering
To determine how much a ton to process a spherical grid, you must first understand the key points of the spherical grid raw materials, paint spraying, construction site distance and spherical grid installation design.

Grid composition:

Composed of a plane truss system, there are four types of two-way orthogonal orthographic grid, two-way orthogonal diagonal grid, two-way diagonal diagonal grid and three-way grid;

Composed of quadrangular pyramid units, there are five forms of positive quadrangular pyramid grid, positive evacuated quadrangular pyramid grid, oblique quadrangular pyramid grid, checkerboard quadrangular pyramid grid and star quadrangular pyramid grid;

Composed of triangular pyramid units, there are three forms of triangular pyramid grid, evacuated triangular pyramid grid and honeycomb triangular pyramid grid.

Grid price:

Other related questions can be answered in the spherical grid design and construction plan drawings presented by you, but most customers start to inquire about the spherical grid steel grid without receiving the CAD drawings. One ton, this will make us feel very troubled, whether it is a bolted ball net frame or a welded ball net frame, the steel pipe material is welded pipe, galvanized steel pipe, 304 stainless steel material, paint, etc. The original facts are all the latest decision-making spherical net frames Offer.

If you only show the spherical grid processing service, the total weight or flat size of the spherical grid, the length of the rods, the diameter of the steel pipe, and the wall thickness are all the key factors for the final quotation of the spherical grid processing.

Secondly, packaging, logistics and transportation distance, necessary conditions for installation site engineering construction, and related issues such as cranes, steel pipe scaffolding, etc. are all key factors in deciding how much a spherical grid is worth a ton. In fact, only the CAD drawing is required. The above-mentioned related problems are resolved immediately, so the latest quotation of the spherical grid is more accurate.

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