How to achieve low-carbon steel grid processing

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In recent years, large-scale projects have repeatedly won bids by some foreign companies, which should arouse people’s reflection and attention. In our country’s engineering practice, a number of innovative buildings are being built with high cost and high consumables, but it violates the initial low-carbon and light-weight steel structure. , The original intention of environmental protection. Among them, the most famous one is the Bird's Nest. From the bird's-eye view, it looks like a bird's nest, "returning to nature" and "perfect innocence". From the night view, it is crystal clear and overflowing with light, so it has won the favor of many experts and leaders. Is its beauty really as touching as it is rendered on paper? In fact, when spectators enter the Bird’s Nest to watch the game, what they see may not be the overhead view of the aerial view, but the huge oblique beams and steel columns. Some engineers even pointed out that the unreasonable load-bearing structure of the Bird’s Nest has cost us a lot. Human, material and financial resources. By analyzing the representative engineering projects abroad, it can be found that:
One. Foreign design projects are mostly major projects concentrated in the capital and coastal cities. They have sufficient financial resources and do not care about economic benefits, while domestic design projects are mostly fixed investment regional projects, and their economy is still an important factor in the selection of the plan. .
two. Most of the structural systems designed abroad use plane simply supported trusses that consume large amounts of steel, while domestic ones use more advanced spatial grids and reticulated shells. Therefore, the amount of steel designed abroad is generally higher than 100kg/, and some can be as high as several hundred. kg/, and domestic designs are generally less than 100kg/, and some can be as low as 20-30100kg/.
three. Foreign design models are novel, but the load-bearing system and structure are traditional and cumbersome, increasing the weight and consumables, and increasing the amount of labor.
We have seen the determination of Chinese steel grid processing enterprises to improve themselves and develop low-carbon, cost-effective steel structures. Even if the company is only working hard for the survival of its own brand, we can get an enlightenment from this. If all companies are willing to responsibly make their steel structure culture bigger and stronger, then China's steel structure grid Processing will surely realize the original intention of low-carbon construction.

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