What are the requirements for steel in grid processing

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The use of net-frame buildings can already be seen in many buildings in our country. With the steel materials used in grid processing, many buildings have also put forward many requirements.

Grid houses are a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building system, known as "green buildings". Due to its light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, and the advantages of recycling and comprehensive use, it meets the requirements of the country's sustainable and healthy development of the economy, so it has huge room for development.

In recent years, due to the government's strengthening of policy guidance, the development of the grid has shown a good situation with expanded application areas and a sharp increase in usage. At the same time, various domestic steel plants represented by Baosteel have, after long-term unremitting efforts, have developed a batch of cost-effective structural steels, which provides favorable conditions for the emergence of a large number of excellent domestic grid structures.

At present, more and more high-rise buildings, large factories, large-span spatial structures, transportation energy projects and residential buildings use grids as the material of choice for building supports, and they are widely used in large quantities. The domestic grid production has soared from 8.5 million tons in 2002 to 26 million tons last year.

At present, grid products are mainly divided into heavy and large components and light steel, grid and color panels. The proportion of steel products used in grid products is about 60% of medium and heavy plates, about 15% of hot-rolled H-beams, 9% of pipes, and about 10% of other color-coated plates and cold-formed steels. In the field of using grid materials, factory buildings accounted for 35%, public buildings and bridges accounted for 10%, multi-high-rise residential buildings accounted for 25%, tower masts accounted for 6%, and non-standard and other hovering around 15%.

Steel production enterprises should seize the country's recent development priorities and hot spots, and produce grid materials that are urgently needed and applicable to the market.

At present, domestic energy construction infrastructure is accelerating, including steel for nuclear power plants, steel for wind power generation, steel for boiler steel, etc., showing long-term and large demand; the proportion of steel for bridges in traffic engineering has increased, railways, highways and bridges The use of grids has become a development trend; the amount of steel used in municipal construction such as subways, light rails, urban interchanges and elevated highways will also continue to increase;

In the context of the country's promotion of energy conservation and recyclable materials, grid-frame residential buildings will show a geometric development trend.

Among them, steel plates, hot-rolled H-beams, steel pipes, and cold-formed steels are the main products, and products with steel strengths of Q345 and Q235 grades are the first choice of users.

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