What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of grid accessories

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The construction of the grid is one of the indispensable and important components in the steel structure building. What problems should we pay attention to when processing the grid accessories?

In fact, in steel structure buildings, grid accessories are more important to the grid structure, especially the quality of the welding ball processing technology has a great impact on the safety of the entire grid accessories. You will find that the welding ball is a common grid fitting, which will be widely used in many buildings. You must choose the grid accessories produced by large and regular manufacturers, especially when you use it indoors, you must pay attention to choosing the grid accessories of good quality and specifications.

When building a grid, you need to compare and choose a grid product with good quality specifications. Due to fierce competition in the grid accessories industry, market development and cost control are still more important. When you choose a grid, you need to pay special attention to the welding technology of the entire grid processing.
What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of grid accessories?

The first thing is to see whether the welding of the entire grid is accurate, and whether there is any deformation. Different grid processing factories are very different in the manufacturing industry of the grid, so you can learn more about the entire production process of the grid processing factory. Mainly from the production process of the grid processing plant, it also depends on whether the overall grid is deformed. Because the production angle and sequence of the entire grid are different, the quality of the grid produced by different processing methods is also quite different.

The processing technology of the grid accessories will also have a relatively large composition of the overall structure of the grid. The first is that you will find that the quality of the welds of the grid fittings is divided into three levels, mainly the first-level welds need to undergo visual inspection, ultrasonic inspection and inspection. When you choose the grid fittings, you must check the connection quality of the welds when welding, and at the same time, observe the appearance of the welds to pass the inspection.

You should understand clearly what issues should be paid attention to in the processing of grid accessories? When processing the grid fittings, you should pay special attention to the welding ball quality inspection, pay attention to the appearance of the inspection, whether there are pores, undercuts, and weld bumps. When there are cracks in the grid fittings, you can choose good quality grid fittings.

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