Four manifestations of grid steel structure building superior to concrete structure

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The grid steel structure has good mechanical properties, strong ability to withstand dynamic loads, and superior seismic performance, so that it can be fully utilized in the construction field and is widely used in high-rise buildings, large-span public buildings and industrial plants. The grid steel structure can be used to construct novel and unique buildings with its unique material characteristics. The special effects that brick-concrete cannot achieve can be achieved by grid steel structure. In recent years, my country's light grid steel structure buildings have also developed rapidly, mainly used in light industrial plants, granaries, stadiums, exhibition halls, mobile homes, additional floors, building materials, furniture and other trading markets.

The market prospects for the development of grid steel structures in my country are very broad. It conforms to the national policy of protecting the environment and land resources. The total amount of steel products in my country ranks first in the world, providing a material foundation for vigorously developing grid steel structures. Steel structure is a green and environmentally friendly building, a resource-saving building, with the characteristics of a circular economy, and can drive the application of energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials. The steel structure complies with the basic national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection, and meets the requirements of developing a circular economy, building a conservation-oriented society and sustainable development.

Compared with concrete, grid steel structure has the following advantages:

Stainless steel grid engineering

1. A large reduction in the use of concrete and bricks and tiles, reducing the excavation of rocks around the city, is conducive to environmental protection;

2. It can be used for dry construction, saving water, less construction area, less noise and less dust;

3. The service life of the building has expired, the solid waste generated by the demolition of the structure is small, and the recycling price of scrap steel resources is high.

4. Due to the reduced weight, the amount of soil taken for foundation construction is small, and the damage to the valuable resource of land is small;

The steel has a uniform structure, close to an isotropic homogeneous body, high strength and high elastic modulus. The ratio of density to strength is much smaller than that of masonry, concrete, and wood. Under the same force, the steel structure has a small dead weight. The characteristics of the grid steel structure allow the advantages of the steel structure to be further exerted. It can be made into a larger span and higher height. Structure and flexible structure. Now the steel structure has the ability to build super-large domes with a span of more than 1,000 meters and super high-rise buildings with a height of more than 1,000 meters and up to 4,000 meters. And the combination of steel and membrane structure to form a cable-membrane structure system can better meet the span requirements of buildings, making this type of building a landmark building.

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