Steel structure grid is a project that has been launched relatively quickly in the past ten years

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The grid steel structure is a fast-moving project in the past ten years. This structure has a high level of industrialization and commercialization. All steel components such as beams, columns, slabs, purlins, roof panels, wall panels, etc. are connected by bolts, which are fast in construction and have comprehensive benefits. High, the market demand is very large, it will have a greater impact on our city's traditional brick-concrete structure and concrete construction methods. For the time being, the situation where concrete and masonry structure unified the world will undergo fundamental changes. The chief engineer of the steel structure plant also revealed that the steel structure has attracted the attention of the industry with its own avant-garde, and has lost its reasonable and rapid application in the project. 50% of the factories in my own city use steel construction. The chief engineer of the steel structure plant introduced that steel structure is not only used for industrial plants, but will continue to be used for civil buildings under normal conditions, such as gas stations, free stations, and residences. The heat preservation, heat insulation materials, fire protection, anti-corrosion coatings, lighting components, doors and windows, and couplings that match the steel structure will also lose synchronization. Some scholars believe that the steel structure has a wide range of shopping malls in Wenzhou and surrounding areas, and the cost is limitless.

       For the future market, instead of planning the industrial plant, the steel structure plant should be cheaper than the traditional brick-concrete structure and concrete structure. The company has an intuitive understanding of the steel structure, and a steel structure plant is shown: "The steel structure is reasonably stressed, Large rigidity, light weight, single rods, convenient manufacturing equipment, and can meet the requirements of large span, high space, and diverse construction methods." When it comes to the feature of light weight of steel structure, it is placed on the same iron plate during an earthquake. A rock will fluctuate more than a mass of cotton. The reason is that cotton is light. Steel is ductile and can better consume energy from earthquakes. Steel structure contains few business opportunities. What is the market prospect of steel structure in my country? The steel structure conforms to the national policy of protecting the environment and land capital. It can be constructed dry, waste water, occupy less land, generate less noise, and reduce dust; due to increased self-weight, less soil is taken for foundation construction, which is a valuable capital for land. The damage is small, but the use of added concrete and the use of bricks and tiles, and the addition of mountain excavation around the city, is conducive to environmental protection; the service life of the building has expired, the solid slag generated by the structural removal is small, and the recovery price of scrap steel capital is high. It is called "green building" in the East, and it has been widely used. Isn't there any limitation in steel structure? Objectively speaking, if the steel structure is not derusted in place, the anti-corrosion method is poor, and the acid and alkali resistance is weak, it will restrict its development.

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