Reasons why the grid structure is suitable for the roof of high-speed railway station

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The high-speed railway station has a large volume and a large number of passenger flows. It is different from the traditional railway station’s migratory travel characteristics. It is a commuter-type traffic characteristic. It is hoped to create a public transportation system. It is best to place all ticket gates in the same waiting hall. Oversized room. In this way, people's line of sight information is more transparent and free, and the schedule and platform arrangement and scheduling are also flexible and convenient, which is a more efficient way of travel. In response to such space requirements, the grid structure is light and stretchable, with small space stress, high rigidity and good seismic resistance. The double-layer grid has a span of one hundred and eighty meters, and the three-layer grid exceeds one hundred meters is a piece of cake. As long as there is no need to build a building above, the span and shape are simply not too beautiful. In addition, the grid structure is born with beautiful additions, and as a window such as a high-speed rail station, it is too atmospheric and high-end modern! But at present, if you want to use so little support to create such a large roof covering, the grid is still something else.

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