Grid processing should be done in details

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Spherical grids have long been a very common form of construction in engineering buildings. For grid processing, which aspects can be improved, so that this field can develop more safely and steadily? The editor of Jiangsu Huahai Steel Structure believes that the details of grid processing must be done well! The following analyzes how to do the details of grid processing from three points:

One, we can pay attention to the sequence design plan of the steel structure grid. Since the spherical grid needs to be welded one by one, the welding sequence will actually endanger the entire production process very immediately. Speed and efficiency, if everyone can make relative scientific research and improvement in these areas, all areas will benefit.
Second, in the case of grid processing, we can pay more attention to the application of some new materials. Since spherical grids are generally all welded by electric welding with stainless steel plates, usually everyone chooses immediate on-site electric welding. In fact, if We can use certain sticky objects to put up the spherical grid formwork first, then the solution rate will be much faster.
Third, many spherical grids look very good from a distance, but when you look carefully, you will find that many key points are still very rough. If you want to improve the quality of these aspects, you need to be in the production process Strictly supervise and inspect to ensure the quality and safety factor of the spherical grid frame to prevent the appearance of shoddy conditions.

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