Steel structure grid advantage

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This form is currently a common roof form used in large-scale stadiums, industrial plants, theaters and other buildings in China. The steel structure grid relies on the force of the steel body itself, and the steel columns are connected together with bolt balls and supported each other in a staggered manner. The net is formed into various roof spaces with different shapes. From a small meeting room of a few meters to a large industrial plant with a span of several hundred meters, they are all suitable for the space grid structure.

    The steel structure grid is unrestrained and unrestrained. It contains both the rhythmic beauty of classical architecture and the romance of modern plastic art. Therefore, many architects use robustness and artistic design to construct large roof skeletons. This novel and beautiful grid structure. Construct a new object image for modern architecture.
    Super stable space structure many times. Formally because of the multiple ultra-stable characteristics of the structure and the unique modeling flexibility of the relative structure, the calculation of the internal force of the structure usually adopts the method of matrix displacement. The matrix resolution is determined according to the engineering situation. For simple projects, the matrix resolution must reach tens of thousands of times. . The complicated engineering matrix is difficult to count.
    The steel grid structure is used in many large venues today. From an architectural perspective, this is a revolution in building structure and building materials. From the perspective of the artistic perception of the building body, the diversified shape of the steel structure grid changes.

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