Maximum span of grid structure

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Grid and reticulated shells are a new type of roof load-bearing structure, which belongs to a statically indeterminate space structure system for multiple times. It changes the stress state of a general planar structure and can bear loads from all aspects. This flat-plate grid has a novel and beautiful structure, strong regularity of the rods, uniform grid, good integrity, large spatial rigidity, and good seismic performance. All the rods are connected by welding or bolts, which is easy to install and easy to operate. The force is clear. It is widely used in roof load-bearing structures such as stadiums, exhibition halls, restaurants, waiting rooms, warehouses, and single-story multi-span industrial plants.

If there is no limit, 18-24m is the most common span, which is relatively economical.
The design guide for light steel structures recommends a grid size of 21 to 42 meters.
If you take 30-meter, 60-meter, and 120-meter spans as the basis, the most economical one is definitely 30 meters. If you can add a column in the middle of 60 meters, it must be a span of 2X30 than a single span of 60 provinces. Generally, 20X3 is recommended.

But the general grid structure design is above 60 meters and below 150 meters. It is recommended to use light steel below 24 meters, to use bolted ball nets for 24-100 meters, and welded ball nets or other advanced systems for more than 100 meters.

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