The spherical grid structure is suitable for large-span roofs

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The industrial production level of the spherical grid structure is high. Although the manufacture of the spherical grid requires more complicated industrial equipment and strict processing technology regulations, compared with other engineering building structures, the spherical grid structure has a large industrial production level and can be mass-produced. Many manufacturing, high manufacturing accuracy. Selecting the engineering construction method of factory manufacturing and construction site installation can reduce cycle time, reduce engineering costs, and increase economic benefits.

Spherical grid

The spherical grid structure is more suitable for large-span roofs. It should have the characteristics of indoor space support, large bending rigidity, saving stainless steel plates, good vibration resistance, low building density, and beautiful and generous design. At this stage, the roofs of large and medium-sized stadiums, exhibition halls, cinemas, factories, warehouses and other engineering buildings use spherical grid structures. Its general application market prospects have promoted more and more people who are just beginning to care about the application of spherical grid structures.

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