Technical requirements and quality standards of spherical grid

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Requirements for grid installation: Tighten the anchor bolts to the opposite position to ensure the reliability of the anchor bolts, and ensure that there are gaps in the sleeve specifications that are visible to no one.

When installing the components, the bending degree of the components should not exceed the safety scope of the relative national regulations. The parts that have been installed on the spherical grid should be clean, free of scratches, no defects, no significant gaps, and no dents and wrong installation conditions, to ensure that the relative sockets match accurately. If there is a wrong installation, please Immediately replace and replace in accordance with regulations.

The relative thickness and quality of the paint must be within the deviation range required by the design standard to ensure the saturation of the overall spherical grid. The deviation of the central part of the connection point of the built steel structure grid must be less than 1.5 mm, and the length of the single cone grid must not exceed ± 1.5 mm. After all the grids are installed.

The vertical and horizontal lengths of the spherical grid must be less than L/2000, and not less than or equivalent to 30mm, and the center offset of the rubber support must be less than L/3000 and less than equivalent to 30mm.

Spherical grid

The height difference between adjacent rubber bearings should be less than equivalent to 15mm, and the height difference between the rubber bearings in the middle of the low value should be less than equivalent to 30mm. The full load deflection value is guaranteed to be less than L/800.

Quality picking staff should prepare measuring instruments such as level, level, tape measure and auxiliary supplies cone, steel tape measure, etc., as needed for inspection. Quality inspection staff need to stay on the construction site continuously, grasp the construction status anytime and anywhere, and make records, improve the relative materials, and immediately report to the quality engineer and other superior leaders, and actively and closely cooperate with the work. Civil engineering operation of the quality management of grid installation: The regulations ensure that the parts are placed in the opposite position, and they cannot be piled up and damaged or lost.

Ensure that the surface environment of the embedded parts is clean and tidy, the middle line, the specification height and the geometric specifications must be accurate. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the horizontal and vertical length error is less than 30mm, the center offset of the embedded parts is less than 30mm, and the adjacent embedded parts need to be less than 15mm , The height difference of relatively large embedded parts should be less than 30mm.

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