The quality of the bolt ball net frame

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The construction plan of the bolted ball grid is relatively strict. Only the designed works under scientific and reasonable conditions can ensure the safety and practicability of the construction process. Then how do we ensure the quality of the bolted ball grid What?

One is material selection. The selection of materials needs to meet the standards and control the hardness of the materials.
The second is design. This also needs to be carried out in strict accordance with national standards in order to achieve excellence, especially the design of knots.
Third, after the bolted ball grid is installed, you need to carefully check the items on both sides of the connecting table and the area around the weld in the range of 30-50mm, such as rust, drilling, and oil stains, which need to be removed during assembly.
Fourth, after the treatment is completed, it is necessary to conduct ultrasonic testing on the building. Once a substandard product occurs, it is necessary to submit post-processing requirements to avoid unforeseen consequences for the manufacturer. This is also a special test of the designer's conscience.
In order to control the quality of the bolted ball net frame parts, it is necessary to check the brand and installation dimensions. During the assembly process of the steel parts, closely monitor the date line and positioning method of the steel parts, and the assembly and inspection of the secondary steel parts after manufacturing and welding. This structure size corresponds to the three-dimensional space position inspection and acceptance assembly facilities of each rotating frame.
In addition, after the bolt ball grid is formed, the welding quality should be verified by ultrasonic inspection, and the unqualified products detected should be corrected in time, and then the steel surface should be subjected to special irradiation derusting test and correction, in accordance with the technical requirements Implement coating and anti-corrosion clock ears. The coating thickness should then be tested and prepared after the test. Proper storage, transportation and stacking measures should be taken to avoid deformation.

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