Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the node forms of the bolted ball grid and welded ba

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Grid frame is our common building material in construction projects. The net frame plays a very important role in our daily engineering applications. It is not only beautiful in appearance, wide in space, strong in spanning, reasonable in cost, and very popular. Common net frames include spiral ball net frames and welded ball nets. There are two kinds of frames, so what are the differences between welded ball grid frames and spiral ball grid frames, and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Jiangsu Huahai Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has many years of construction and design experience in the field of steel structure grids. Below, from the following aspects Discuss with everyone:

Spiral ball connection grid
Commonly used joint bolts for grids. Ball joints are realized by connecting rods and balls through high-strength bolts. The ends of the rods are connected to the sealing plate (for steel pipe diameters less than φ75.5) or taper heads (for steel pipe diameters less than or equal to φ75.5). , The bolt ball is split surface. Between the split surface and the sealing plate or cone is a hexagonal sleeve. A small hole is opened on the sleeve and the fastening pin is inserted. Inside the sealing plate or cone, the other end is screwed into the bolt ball through the pin.

Advantages of bolt ball joints:
1. There is a complete set of standard drawings of parts to guide production, which is convenient for factory processing, and different manufacturers can work together to subdivide the market.
2. On-site installation is convenient and fast, shorten the construction period and improve efficiency.

Disadvantages of bolted ball joints:
1. The angle of the rod should be considered when designing. The angle is not good and the bolt ball is large.
2. The bolt ball is a solid ball with a large unit weight, making it difficult to install on site.
3. High precision of various accessories is required.

Welded ball grid project

Welded ball grid, as the name implies, is that the grid ball and the rods are connected by welding. The welded ball grid project is currently a more practical project. There is no need to drill holes during the construction of the grid. To save labor and time, there is no need to use materials for cross-section damage, which can make the use of materials more fully utilized. Therefore, it is one of the important project types of the traditional grid project. It can be directly applied to the grid connection in the welding ball grid engineering project, without the need for mechanical energy auxiliary parts. At the same time, the steel structure is designed and manufactured as a whole, and there is no problem with the welding and welding seam connection. In the process of engineering welding The air tightness and water tightness are relatively good, and good rigidity is achieved, but sometimes in the process of welding the ball and welding seam, there will be deformation, mechanization, and material brittleness under high temperature conditions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of welded ball grid

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the welded ball grid frame? In the current welding ball grid frame processing project, the requirements for the overall compressive capacity and seismic capacity are relatively high. The ability to participate in the welding process will cause brittle failure of the overall structure , The possibility increases, reducing the stable bearing capacity of the pressure bar, and the residual deformation will also cause manual impact on the quality of the entire project, and the current correction cost is relatively high. The welded structure has a certain continuity, so local cracks will extend to the whole. Therefore, when designing the grid structure, the overall characteristics of the construction project should be considered. When the welded structure is encountered, the welding process should be closely matched.

In summary, which one is better, bolt ball and welded ball grid?

The bolted ball grid is suitable for some buildings with characteristic modeling structures. There are many construction methods in the process of use. The construction cost is expected to be lower and the project progress is faster.
The processing methods of the welded ball net frame and the bolt ball net frame are different. The welded ball grid is only processed in the factory, and should be brought to the construction site for welding when used. Therefore, the welding ball grid has high requirements for the welding process of the welding workers. Welded ball grids are mainly used on buildings with larger loads. Generally, the construction period is long and the construction cost is high. The spiral ball net frame and the welded ball net frame have different applications in different occasions.

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