Civilized and law-abiding operation, Huahai Steel Structure launches the 2020

更新时间:2020-12-02 14:14:37点击:10340 Entreprise's news

Civilized and law-abiding operations ensure safe production. It coincided with the safety production study month in Tongshan District, Xuzhou, our company organized 60% of employees to participate in the online learning safety knowledge training organized by the high-tech zone, and reached the basic level of 100% passing the test.

Today, Manager Li, the person in charge of production safety management of our company, organized all employees of the plant to conduct learning activities on the Production Safety Law. During the learning process, everyone listened carefully and thought carefully to lay a solid theoretical foundation for safe work and fewer injuries in the production process in the future. Manager Li tells everyone that in the future, we will often organize everyone to learn fire safety knowledge and conduct safety-related actual combat exercises, so that every employee can have and enhance the awareness of safe work, avoid injury during work, and go to work safely. , Go home happily.

Safety awareness is a necessary basic awareness in our life and work. Through the study of safety law during this period, Huahai people have a more profound ability to deal with various safety hazards!

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